Here at Lakehead Communications, we are adding to our store merchandise line!

Lakehead Communication Toys

Carefully developed and tested, Cobra RC Toys uses better components and superior design and construction. Things like premium quality built in batteries – resulting in quicker charge times and longer play time. Cobra RC Toys also have people managing on our quality control in our factories (“boots on the ground”), they don’t rely solely on their factories themselves to meet our quality requirements. These differences may not be obvious when comparing RC toys at first glance, but for those that have tried lesser RC toys (that often look similar), the difference soon becomes obvious.

You can purchase Cobra RC Toys branded products with confidence. Cobra RC Toys also carry stock of replacement parts for key parts of the products we sell. Accidents happen but we want you to continue to be able to use and enjoy your purchase. Of course, careful operation and proper charging and care will ensure your Cobra RC Toys will work for a long time to come.

Arduino related products like; Elegoo Smart Robot Car and Kuman Project Starter Kit are educational kits for beginners (kids) to get hands-on experience with programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge. It’s an integration solution for robotics learning and it works for education. Both products are apart of the top 10 best Arduino starter kits you can buy!

Whether your child is a music lover, budding coder, or aspiring mathematician, Osmo has the right games to inspire your child. Osmo is a hands on set of iPad games played with real-world pieces, and unique stand with a red plastic piece that redirects the iPad’s front-facing camera to the game pieces as your child interacts with them on a table or floor. Perfect educational, tactile, hands on game for your children!