Garmin Drive™

The Garmin Drive navigation system has the most important functions to get safely from A to B. Along the way you get various notifications that make you more aware of the situation around you. This way the device warns you when approaching sharp bends, speed cameras, school zones or traffic jams. If you sit behind the wheel too long you will receive a fatigue message. You can even view popular restaurants, hotels or places of interest in the neighborhood on your screen.

Garmin Dash Cams

The best dash cams offer you protection and security for your vehicle, just like the Garmin Dashcams at Lakehead Communications. Dashcams come in a range of types and prices, and many include additional safety features that go beyond simple video capture.

There are many reasons someone might want one, and there is a bevy of features to be considered when shopping at Lakehead Communications for the right solution. The features can vary a bit, and which are most important will depend on what your concern is. Maybe you’re a parent who’s concerned about the behaviour of the new teen driver in the house or you run a small business with a delivery fleet? There’s a solution for that. Do you just want to have a video camera in the car to protect yourself in case of a traffic infraction? You bet that there’s a dashcam that can help with that!

Garmin Backup Cams

When it comes to adding camera technology to your drive in Canada, Garmin has you covered, backwards and forwards and everything in between. A quality backup camera like Garmin can significantly enhance rearward visibility for drivers and, thus, help minimize the risk of “blind zone” accidents whenever your vehicle is moving in reverse. At Lakehead Communications we want to keep you protected and safe wherever you go.

Garmin Digital Switch Box

Use the Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box to control your vehicle’s 12-volt accessories (up to six outputs of 30 amps each), including light bars, horns, air compressors, differential locks and more! Have questions about our Garmin products? Contact our experts at. Lakehead Communications today for more information!

Garmin Off-Road