Garmin Jr. Fitness

Fitness tracking and fun can go hand-in-hand when it comes to these Garmin wearables made specially for those little movers and shakers in your life. Lakehead Communications and Garmin want to help keep your kids active so you can stay active together. Parents, we didn’t forget about you! While the youngsters will love the compatible app for its fun mobile adventure trail they can unlock, you can control the app and use it to monitor your kids steps and active minutes, assign chores and even hand out virtual rewards. It’s simple and easy, just control it all from your mobile device!

At Lakehead Communications, we make sure we have the top products to keep you Anywhere Connected in your active lifestyle. With so many great Garmin products and features we know it can be hard to find the perfect one suited for your lifestyle. Have questions about our Garmin Fitness products? Contact our experts at Lakehead Communications in Thunder Bay, Ontario for more information!