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KENWOOD’s new TK-7302/8302 delivers reliable mobile performance with extra wideband coverage (UHF: 70MHz) and such features as QT/DQT signaling, multiple scan functions and a voice inversion scrambler. Yet this tough IP54/MIL-STD-compliant radio is decidedly user-friendly, providing high-quality audio, voice announcement, and a large display with adjustable brightness for simple operation, day and night.

16 Channels, 2 Zones

The TK-7302/8302 offers ample capacity for multiple channels and radio systems: 16 channels and 2 zones. And once it is programmed, users can select specific channels within a set range.

Enhanced KENWOOD Audio

Clear audio means confident communications, but power output is not the only factor that determines how easy it is to use a radio in varying noisy environments. As an audio specialist experienced in psychoacoustics, KENWOOD can draw on decades of expertise at every step: component selection, construction, optimization, evaluation and analysis. The resulting audio performance – specially engineered for transceivers and with frequency response optimized for the human voice – is undeniably clearer and crisper.

External D-SUB 15-PIN Interface

A D-sub 15-pin terminal enables the simple connection of various types of external equipment. It can be used for Ignition sense, External Switch, Horn Alert, and External Mic, among others. A Molex interface is also available with the optional KCT-60M cable.

Multiple Signaling


Encoder/decoder function uses QT/DQT to segregate talk groups, so users only hear calls from their own group. DTMF PTT ID is included for dispatch operations or for a simple remote control application.

FleetSync® PTT ID, SelCall & Status

Utilizing KENWOOD’s FleetSync® signaling protocol, the TK-7302/8302 has PTT ID (ANI: automatic number identification) and Selective Calling capabilities for managed dispatch operations. Programmed Status(by FPU) can also be sent.

2 Tone(Encode/Decode)

The 2-tone signaling format is provided for use with the most common radio systems.

MDC-1200 Signaling

Built-in MDC signaling means the following features are available:
– PTT ID Encode
– Emergency Encode
– Stun/Revive Decode
– Radio Check Decode

Emergency Alert

For hazardous/hostile duty environments, a PF key can be programmed for emergency use to alert the dispatcher or other group members via DTMF, FleetSync® or MDC-1200 signaling.

Programmable Voice Inversion Scrambler*1

The built-in programmable voice inversion scrambler provides basic protection against casual eavesdropping. It is possible to have a unique scrambler setting for each channel by picking the voice inversion frequency from one of 16 tables.

Programmable Blue LED

The blue LED indicator can be customized to provide useful status information.
For example, it can be used in combination with the orange LED for Selective Call differentiation.

GSP Feature

Connected to an external GPS receiver, the TK-7302/8302 can transmit accurate vehicle location data to the central base station for fleet management purposes. Designated scrambler and GPS modules can be installed internally.

Other Features

– Multiple Scan Functions, including Priority Scan
– Voting (automatic repeater search & selection)
– Independent Setting Per Channel (compander, scrambler)
– BCL (Busy Channel Lockout)
– 9 Programmable Function Keys
– Talk Around
– Horn Alert Function
– Companded Audio (narrow/wide)
– 3-colour LED (red, orange, green)
– Voice Announcement (choice of language between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Chinese)
– Password Protection
– Time-out Timer
– Minimum Volume Setting (by FPU)
– Operator Selectable Tone Settings
– Embedded Message
– 8 Programmable Accessory Ports (for External Control)
– Scan Del/Add Function
– KENWOOD ESN (Electronic Serial Number)
– Radio Stun
– Adjustable Microphone Gain (FPU only): High/Normal
– Microsoft Windows® PC Programming & Tuning*1 This function cannot be used in certain countries.
Please contact your KENWOOD dealer for further information.

General Features

– Extra wideband coverage (UHF: 70MHz)
– IP54/MIL-STD-compliant radio
– 16 Channels, 2 Zones
– Enhanced KENWOOD Audio
– External D-SUB 15-PIN Interface
– FleetSync® PTT ID, SelCall & Status
– 2-Tone (Encode/Decode)
– MDC-1200 Signaling
– PTT ID Encode, Stun/Revive Decode, Emergency Encode)
– Programmable Voice Inversion Scramble
– Programmable Blue LED
– GPS Feature(Optional GPS Receiver)
– Multiple Scan Functions, including Priority Scan
– Independent Setting Per Channel (compander, scrambler)
– 9 Programmable Function Keys
– Horn Alert Function
– 3-colour LED (red, orange, green)
– Voice Announcement
– Minimum Volume Setting
– Password Protection
– Microsoft Windows® PC Programming & Tuning

General Features

TK-7302H TK-8302H
Frequency Range Type 1 136-174 MHz 450-520 MHz
Number of Channels Channels 16
Zones 2
Channel Spacing 25 / 12.5 kHz
Operating Voltage 13.6 V DC ± 15%
Current Drain Standby 0.4 A
Receive 1.0 A
Transmit 8.0 A
Operating Temperature Range -22° F to +140° F (-30° C to +60° C)
Frequency Stability ±2.5 ppm (-30°C ~ +60°C)
Antenna Impedance 50 Ω
Dimensions (W x H x D) – Projections not included. 6.3” x 1.7” x 5.4” (160 x 43 x 137 mm)
Weight (net) 41.6oz (1,180g)
FCC ID Type 1 K44407600 K44407700
Sensitivity Wide 0.28 μV
Narrow 0.35 μV
Selectivity Wide 75 dB
Narrow 65 dB
Intermodulation Distortion Wide 70 dB
Narrow 60 dB
Spurious Response Analog 75 dB
Audio Distortion Less than 5%
Audio Output 4 W / 4 Ω
RF Power Output 25 W / 5 W
Spurious Response 70 dB
FM Hum & Noise Analog @ 25 kHz 45 dB
Analog @ 12.5 kHz 40 dB
Audio Distortion Less than 5%
Microphone Impedance 600 Ω
Modulation 16K0F3E, 11K0F3E

Analog measurements made per TIA/EIA 603 and specifications shown are typical.
Specifications are subject to change without notice, due to advancements in technology.