Weboost Drive Sleek Kit


General Features

Strengthen your cell phone’s data and voice connection with the Drive Sleek, weBoost’s most powerful and versatile cradle cellular signal booster for vehicles. Use the Drive Sleek in your car, truck or any other vehicle to keep you connected. 

The innovative cradle design can hold phones up to 7.5 inches long and as small as 5.1 inches. Also, setup is easy! Our newly designed outside antenna sticks to the roof with a super strong rare earth magnet. For non-magnetic roofs, an adhesive disk to secure the antenna is included in the Drive Sleek kit. Included in the kit is a 5V / 2.1 Amp charging port. This port charges the device much faster than a standard 5V / 1 Amp output port.

The Drive Sleek is compatible with all US cellular networks including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk and more. Like all weBoost products, the Drive Sleek comes with a 2-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Boosts signal for all U.S. cell carriers
  • Friendly, U.S.-based customer support
  • All components needed for installation in one package
  • FCC Certified


  • Extends cellular signal range
  • Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds
  • Faster data downloads
  • Up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas

How It Works

Signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna, delivering those signals to the booster, amplifying the cell signals so your devices receive them, and delivering your device’s boosted signals back to the cell tower.

1. Receives Signal

The booster reaches out to the cell tower to access voice, text and data signals while parked or in-motion.

2. Boosts Signal

The booster receives the outside signal, amplifies it up to 32x and sends it to the Drive Sleek Cradle.

3. Transmits Signal

The phone in the cradle receives the amplified signal. This cradle also sends outgoing signals from the phone back to the booster, which will be amplified and sent back to the cell towe


Model Number:



Band 12/17

700 MHz

Band 13

700 MHz

Band 5

850 MHz

Band 4

1700/2100 MHz

Band 2

1900 MHz


50 Ohm

Max Gain

23 dB




.65 x 1.60 x 7 in


0.55 lbs / 0.88 oz


$ 199.99

In the box

Each device comes with everything you need for a complete installation. You can also pick up extra parts to extend your installation, if you need help, just give us a call.

Boosts signal up to 32X and is compatible with all Canadian networks such as Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Freedom Mobile and more.

The Drive Sleek is weBoost’s most versatile 4G vehicle cell phone signal booster. This 4G booster can boost cell signals up to 32x, enhancing 4G LTE and 3G signals for one cellular device used in a car, truck, van or RV – The device held securely in the included cradle. weBoost’s Drive Sleek is compatible with all Canadian networks such as Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Freedom Mobile and more.

This Industry Canada Certified booster comes with all components needed for installation in one package making DIY installation a breeze. Like all weBoost products, the Drive Sleek comes with a 2-year warranty.

What's Included

• Drive Sleek Cradle
• Drive Sleek Booster
• Outside Antenna Item
• Power Supply Item
• Magnetic Vent Clip
• Installation Manual & Instructions

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