Since its inception, Lakehead Communications has provided customer and product support that is unparalleled. Whether it is in store or in the field we excel at going the extra mile to meet your needs. 

When it comes to personal or business, we understand how important it is to be connected, and downtime is never a good thing. That is why we make sure to keep you “anywhere connected” and another way we keep you is our rental unit program. If you only need one of our products for a short period of time or want to test a product to see if it is the right product for you, then we can rent a unit to you for a charge. 

Some of the products we rent for testing or short term use: 

Kenwood Two-way Radios


Note prices vary with radio type and quantity rented

We also rent by the Week, and by the month

We also rent by the Week, and by the monthPricing starts at $20 per day 

Satellite Phones


10 min talk time per rental term

Prices vary for per minute talk time

Please contact us for per min rate

Cell Phone Booster


Eliminate weak signals up to 2,000 sq ft

Great way to test reception at camp or for a temporary solution

If you purchase a new Cell Booster after rental, half the rental cost goes towards the purchase price

If you have any questions about our rental program, please contact us.